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Watch the videos through once, then do the steps outlined below.


1)  Get Memorex Labels and you'll find the free
software package url.
2)  Click download memorex express-it
4)  Save as a Zip file
5)  Double-click on the download zip file
6)  Click Extract All Files, click next.
7)  Click Finish
8)  Now use the software!

Using Memorex Label Software

1)  Click on the Memorex eExpress-it icon on your
2)  Select CD/DVD Label and click next
3)  Browse the backgrounds and pick what you want
4)  Click next and finish.
5)  Click on titles and select what you want.
6)  Double-click on the writing and delete as you
see fit.
7)  Adding logo?  Insert -insert picture- choose your file
and picture.
8)  GOTCHA - make SURE you have the text prompt closed
before you insert pictures.
9)  Click and drag in the corners to move your image
into place.


1)  Open menu "Backgrounds" (on left)
2)  Click on "touchup and effects"
3)  Choose the color you want.


1)  Click on text you want to change
2)  Start typing!

SAVING FILE - Printing Your Label w/ Primo PDF

1)  If you don't have Primo PDF - DOWNLOAD it!  
it's free and is perfect for this application

2)  Click "Print"

3)  Click "Print Primo PDF"

4)  Save your file in the folder you want.

Double-Click to Enlarge the Video

2)  Using Serif PagePlus to Create JPEG Images
Trouble viewing the video?  CLICK HERE

Serif - Page Setup

1)  Startup Wizard, choose start new publication
2)  Choose "Letter"
3)  Dimensions:  "File-Switch to Web Publishing"
4)  File-Page Setup Put in your dimensions. (600x400)

Inserting the PDF We Made in Memorex

1)  Insert-pdf file-pick your file
2)  Click and drag into place.
3)  Use the magnifying glass to change size of page.
4)  Click and drag object from the corners.

3-D Effects

1)  Click and drag box tool
2)  Select object - right-click then select
"Format" "Fill" with your color.
3)  Click ok
4)  Right-click, hit "arrange" to position the
box to the back.
5)  Select box, right- click and choose "Filter Effects."
6)  Choose "Drop Shadow"
7)  Click okay

Cut-out Image
1)  Select the object
2)  Convert to picture
3)  Right-click-convert to picture-click ok
4)  Use "Image Cutout Studio" in upper left
5)  Select brush size and click around the object.
6)  Click ok to close studio

Download Now Button
1)  Use Textframe tool
2)  Use Trebuchet as font
3)  Type your words
4)  Right-click and make lettering white
5)  Select Textbox, right click "Format" "Fill"
and choose orange
6)  Click "Center" tool on top tool bar to center
7)  Bold lettering w/ bold tool on top tool bar.

3-D Arrow
1)  Quick shape flyout
2)  click and drag to create the arrow.
3)  Rotate by using rotater tool in upper left corner
4)  Right click "instant 3-d"
5)  Select image, right click Format, Fill, orange.
6)  Position into place.

Drop Shadow on CD
1)  Select CD
2)  Right-Click and select "Effects"
3)  choose desired effect.
4)  Click ok

1)  Click File
2)  Preview in Mozilla (or your preferred browser.)

SAVE YOUR PROJECT. File-Save As-File Name

Export as Picture
1)  File-Export as Picture
2)  Name your file as jpeg or gif.