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1)  Watch the videos through once, then do the steps outlined below.  

2)  If you want to follow along, download the PowerPoint presentation, OR you can click HERE for a PDF copy of the presentation.  Just print it out on your printer and follow along.  

3)  Homework is at the bottom of the box.  Ready?  Let’s get started!

Overview - Personal Page

A great way to network w/ colleagues, family and friends.

Hide a comment - click on the right "hide post."

Navigation Overview - See Facebookin’ for Bucks Powerpoint Presentation  OR Facebookin’ for Bucks PDF

Friends vs Fans
Personal Account - make "friends"
w/ family, friends, colleagues.

Business Page - Fans are acquired by suggesting your page to
the friends list.  Only the administrator of the
page can "suggest the page"

"Add a Friend" feature is only on the personal
page, not on a business page.

- Comment on something that triggers a conversation.
- DO link to your website to help with Search Engines
- DO post pictures, videos for your status
- DO link to complimentary websites
- Discuss what you're working on, workshops, etc.

1)  Download the Facebookin' for Bucks pdf HERE and
feel free to print it out for easy reference during
the course.
2)  If you haven't started a Facebook account yet,
go ahead and create one

Creating Your Page


Ideal for showcasing your business, non-profit,
band, or an outside interest

How do I get fans to my page:
1)  Suggest your page to friends on personal account
2)  Ask others to suggest the page
3)  Put a link of Facebook onto your website.

Create a Page
Follow along on your PDF or PowerPoint download
to create your page

Paid Advertising
Similar to Google Adwords, but much more
targeted appealing to people in your customer base.

Design Your Ad
Follow along on your PDF or PowerPoint download
to create your page.  Graphics?  Talk to a
graphic designer or you can purchase the Serif
PagePlus Software to create buttons, banners
and simple graphics HERE

How do I Make Banner Ads, Labels and Simple Graphics?
Got Clicks has a "Create Labels and Banners" class
that shows how to use Memorex Label maker and
Serif PagePlus.  Click HERE for that course.

Target Your Marketing
One of the coolest features on Facebook!
You'll see how to target your audience for
the biggest bang for your buck.

Campaigns and Pricing
Most common question?  What's the difference
between a click and an impression?  Impression means
they look at your site.  Click means they
click on the ad and take action.

CPC - You pay by the click
CPM - You pay by the impression
Daily Budget - Just starting?  You can go as
low as $20 per day to start, then you can always
change it out later.

GOTCHA - If you're creating an ad, you'll need
to use your PERSONAL profile in order to create
the ad for your PAGE.

To Start an Ad:
Click your "Home" personal page
Click "Ads and Pages" on the left

Comparison of Google Adwords vs. Facebook
This was a campaign I ran a couple of years ago
to test a pilot project out for very little money.
You can see the numbers on the Powerpoint or PDF
download to see how they stack up. It's a good
idea to try multiple tactics for growing your
branding online.

Events is located on the upper left hand side.
Ideal for seminars, demos, trade shows.

GOTCHAs - If creating an event from your "Page",
you can only extend the invitation to your "fans."
Creating the event from your personal page opens
up the invitation to friends, colleagues, family,

This is where you'll be alerted to people interested
in your event.  You'll also be invited to other
people's events.

1)  Create a page
2)  Test out the “Create an Ad” under “Ads and Pages”
3)  Test out the “Events”
4)  Comment often and don’t forget to tell your friends to “like” your page.

Happy Clicking!
Download PDF   
Download PowerPoint
Create a FB Contest Page
WATCH the video BELOW to:

Create a Contest Page in Facebook

How to build that page in Serif WebPlus

Directions are below the video.
Static HTML IFrame Tab
March 11 no longer FBML

Pictures - Photobucket Flicker
Go to your page and click "Profile"
1)  Click "Edit Page"
2)  click "Apps"
3)  Scroll, browse "More Applications"
4)  Type "Static HTML IFrame Tab"
5)  Click on app "Static HTML IFrame Tab"
6)  If you can't find the app, go here:
7)  Click on app
8)  Click on the left "Add to My Page"
9)  Select which pg to add it to.
10) Scroll down onto your page

Win a Website Creating the Page

Creating the Master Page:
1)  Click "View"
2)  Click "Master Page Manager
3)  Select Master Page and click "Copy."
4)  Your new Master Page will show in the
   lower left corner.  

Creating Your Contest Page:
1)  Click "Site Structure"
2)  Click "Insert Page" or copy a page
as shown in this demonstration.
3)  Click 1st Tab - "Navigation"
4)  Type in Page Title information
5)  UNCheck box "Include in Navigation" if
   you do not want this as part of your navigation.
6)  Click 2nd Tab:  "Appearance."
7)  Type in page size (520pix x 800 pix)
8)  Click 4th Tab:  Search to put in
    a description of your page and keywords.
9)  Click OK
10) Your page will open on lower left box.

Images, text, are all in layers.

Fixing Mistakes
Click "Undo" at the top of the page.

Located on the top tool bar.

Tying Master Page to your Contest page
1)  Click "Site Manager"
2)  Click the Master Page drop-down to tie
   the correct master page to your contest pg.
   (ie Master M to the page, Test)

1)  Click "Insert"
2)  Picture - From File
3)  Select File
4)  Click image into place.


1)  Click "Insert"
2)  Forms
3)  Form Wizard
4)  Use "Adapt a Standard Form"
5)  Click Next
6)  Select Form and hit "Next"
7)  Hit Next again
8)  Select Email address you want to receive entries
9)  Click "Finish"
10) Tap the image where you want it to appear on the page.

Publishing Your Page:

1)  Click "File"
2)  Publish
3)  Publish to Web

IMPORTANT:  You need to have a hosting solution
in order for this to work.  Midphase Hosting available
at for very affordable prices.
Create a FB Contest Page
“Facebookin’ for Bucks” is by far our runaway hit! In this course, you’ll learn how to create your Facebook Fan Page, how to get subscribers and what to post to generate interest in your page.

Watch all the videos first - no video is more than 5-8 minutes long with the Bonus class lasting about 13 minutes. You can also download the Powerpoint to follow along (or pdf is available.)  Don’t take the Bonus class until you’ve completed all the initial steps in the “Facebookin’ for Bucks” course first.

Facebook allows you to put contest pages on your Facebook Fan page.  I have added this class in as a complimentary gift.  It’s a more advanced course, so I want you comfortable with the initial steps first.  Walk before you run, as I always say... You’ll find this Bonus course at the very bottom of this page on the left.

You’ll need this code if you want to embed your website pages into your Facebook Fan Page (it also can be used on Blogger.  Watch the “Intro to Blogs” course for more information on how to embed contests and landing pages into Blogger.  You’ll find the link to this code at the very bottom of this page on the right.

Happy Clicking!
“Sarah, I clicked on my “Bonus Free I-Frame” and all I got was a bunch of vegetable soup??  What is this?

Watch the Bonus video on the left first - it shows how to copy and paste this code into your website.  Simply substitute the “” url with your own website url and you’ll be set.  Remember... Facebook’s page is 520 pixels wide.  Keep that dimension in mind and you’ll have your Contest/Landing page up in no time!

“Sarah, that last video was wa-ay over my head!  Can you help me out?”

Sure!  Shoot me an email  with dates/times that you’re available near a computer w/ high speed internet and we’ll set up a time to do a go-to meeting to review.  This is our Got Clicks Tweak - I’ll be happy to spend up to an hour and a half to help you with your burning questions for only $87.  Well worth your time and money!

Thanks for the questions!
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