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Watch the videos through once, then do the steps outlined below.

YouTube Video

Show what you know... great for carpenters, plumbers
any business that people want to see how a project
is done.

GREAT way to show that you know what you're doing.

Setting up your YouTube Account

1) - Create Account
2) NOTE:  If you already have a Google account, use
that account - it'll save you from multiple logins
down the road.
3)  Click "Customize Your Channel Page"

Post Bulletin, Settings, Themes and Colors
Modules, Video and Playlist tabs.  
Post Bulletin: once you're established for msgs
                        to your subscribers.
Settings:  Make your selections in the drop-downs
                 Type in your keywords so people can find your channel
Themes and colors :  Click "show advanced options." Type
I                                      in the colors on your website from your web                                        designer

How To Find Colors if Using WebPlus
Click "color scheme designer"  to get your
colors if you're using this program.

Modules:  You can add your different modules
(ie event dates, subscribers, etc.)

Videos/playlists:  What content do you wish to
display and what player viewer you want.  
Click on your preference.
Click "Edit" on Profile on your channel page
and put in names, and check the boxes you want revealed.

Profile Picture - go to your account drop down (in
this case "barrepartnership" click "Account" and click
"Change Picture."  Now, the small pic will change on
your channel, but not the big one (yet!)  The big
one will be replaced with your video that you upload.

ToolBar for My Account
My Account - when you click on this, it opens up
another tool bar across the top of your page.  

Insight:  measures clicks to your channel

Subscriptions:  channels you can subscribe to.

Video Editor:  This has editing capability you
           can click on the tutorial for more info.

My Channel:  shows your channel

Favorites:  shows your favorite videos that you've

My videos and playlists:  will show your videos
           and playlists once we've uploaded some videos.
Double-Click to Enlarge the Video UPLOADING VIDEOS

3)  Uploading Your Videos
Trouble viewing the video?  CLICK HERE

1)  My Channel - Click "Upload"
2)  Choose your video from the "Browse" button
3)  Type in your keywords (tags) so people can find you.)
4)  Type in your description (keyword rich!)
5)  Click "Save Changes"
6)  Facebook Option - scroll to the bottom to
connect your video to Facebook - it automatically
updates your new YouTube video onto your facebook.
7)  Click the hyperlink to watch your video

Embedding Video onto Website
1)  click Embed
2)  Choose custom size, type in size
3)  Uncheck "related videos"
4)  Copy and paste HTML coding into your site
5)  "Insert" "Web Object" "Paste to Body" click ok"
6)  Click "Preview" to see the site if using WebPlus.
7)  Once file is published, it won't be jerky

Colors from website?
1)  Click color scheme designer
2)  click more colors
3)  that's where you get the code for colors.

How do you film?  
Iphone or flip camera work great
you don't need to be fancy, just informative.

Final View of our Channel
You'll notice the picture was replaced w/ the video.